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Jul 01

To the guy who has a permanent place in my heart…..THIS IS FOR YOU <3

He randomly blocks his foot when we’re walking together, causing me to stumble off my feet. He randomly dance in the most off beat kind of way. He likes to make funny faces. He sings his heart out with the same song again and again. He loves to make fun of me a lot too. He seem to be the most annoying person I know.

But some days weren’t as bright. We also have our fair share of blues. We fight like North & South Korea. There are these days that I super hate him to death that I unintentionally curse him. Which makes me feel so sorry in the end of the day. He practically does a lot of things that makes you hate him a lot. Like one time, we were eating dinner together and I was asking him a simple question, and he responds with another question, and won’t stop till my temper boils like a kettle. And we argue a lot, like A LOT! See? And the funny thing is ,we hate how disorganize we both are.

One thing I like about him,is his humility. He’s the most humble person I know. He doesnt know what the word “pride” is. There was this time , we were caught in a huge fight and I was sulking big time, didn’t talk to him for few days ( the fact it’s my fault)..He approached me first and asked for sorry, he didnt want us to be like that. Maybe because we think a lot the same, that’s why friction’s gigantic as well. Another thing I admire about him is the fact that he’s so selfless, doesnt care if he looks so goofy, he would rather give everything to me than to himself. Well, sometimes people think the other way, sometimes they think he’s selfish and all, but trust me..I know this guy too well.

He knows I love him, though I don’t say nor show it a lot. I hope I can. On the other hand, I know he loves me so much , he’s not vocal , but his action shows. I just hope that things turn around and I’ll get rid of the awkwardness to show to him that I love him.

I’m just a bit sad because I was too busy growing up, then I forget that he’s growing old. Just awhile ago, I woke him to greet him “Happy Birthday” and he just snored back to sleep. That’s how random he is. HAHA.

To my father, the only guy that has a permanent place in my heart, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You will soon finish your doctorate,Good luck!I’m so proud of you! I love you so much!

P.S.: I dont think you can find & read my blog now, but I wanted to let the world know that you may not the best nor the sweetest father in the world, but if given a chance to go back in time,I will still choose you and your cute chubby face. I know you’ve been through hell, raising a daughter like me ,but I will return everything to you, in God’s time and graces, I will be the one who’ll pamper you like a baby !‪#‎SALIGLANG‬

Jun 12


Just like my everyday routine, I woke up 3am as if my body was designed with a self timer. Stared at the ceiling for a couple more minutes, trying not to doze back off again. Trying so hard to clamber outta my bed but I just couldn’t. My mind is divided with so much thoughts… How to work things out at work, things to do for school, and even what clothes to wear. After realizing that I’ve been wasting 20 precious minutes, finally found my way rushing to the bathroom… And just when I was about to soak my self with coldest water ever… I realized it’s my day off!

Apr 06

My daily poems that papers can’t handle (040714)

Okay just squeezing out few thoughts before heading for work.

Today is another super early-bird day for me. While some who were still in their state of hangovers for “The Weekend party”, I’m sitting here , having my cup of tea waiting for some few minutes before I dodge to my routine at the office. Well, that’s how I clamber myself from the rest of the mob. Not too bad, not too fancy. Just playing safe from something that doesn’t harm either.

Okay , so It’s already 4:46 and my shift starts at 5:30AM. I should have my ass moving now.

-xo, N.N.

Apr 04
#juicing  👍👍👍

#juicing 👍👍👍

Feb 17

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Feb 07


Here’s to another 24hours of nothing but a good time & a blessed life.

Feb 03
Summer &#8216;14 . Paghahandaan kita . #BOW 💪⌛️😅💢💦💨

Summer ‘14 . Paghahandaan kita . #BOW 💪⌛️😅💢💦💨

Feb 01
Rainy night, big shirt, messy hair, sober soul, massive thoughts and tea. ✏️📔☕️💬💋

Rainy night, big shirt, messy hair, sober soul, massive thoughts and tea. ✏️📔☕️💬💋

Feb 01


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Dec 31

2013, The Recap 👍🙏☝️

Dec 24
Goodmorning!  A doze of winin&#8217; &amp; cheesin&#8217; before going to work. Yes I&#8217;m working on Christmas! This- a blessing tho&#8217;! Love you Jesus! 🍷🍞

Goodmorning! A doze of winin’ & cheesin’ before going to work. Yes I’m working on Christmas! This- a blessing tho’! Love you Jesus! 🍷🍞

Dec 22
When your lips touches my skin, it&#8217;s like a dose of ecstasy within. 😍💋

When your lips touches my skin, it’s like a dose of ecstasy within. 😍💋

Nov 10

To travel someday without worries &amp; anxieties.

To travel someday without worries & anxieties.

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Oct 25

quote Fall in love with someone who’s comfortable with your silence. Find someone who doesn’t need your words to know it’s time to kiss you.

— Clairabelle Ann (via trippynymph)

Oct 21

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