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Aug 27

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I saw a link on my dashboard that has been promoted ,the title itself “Blog Secret”, gave an intriguing spark on me, so I tried checking it out. Initially, I thought it’s just about the blogger’s secrets but when I opened it, I found out that it’s a compilation of secrets from different people. The blogger allows you to send your deepest secrets or sentiments that you wanna vent out, and posts it without even exposing the your name. 

Some of the posts are disappointing, heartbreaking or worst of the worst. It’s like I’m reading another saga of Series of the Unfortunate Events. But hey,these are actual life experiences from real people all around the world. 

Some of the secrets are quite relevant to my own. Some are deep,shallow, funny, morbid, sad , shocking, controversial, malicious or whatever. You may even get angry by some of it, but the thing is, these are the reality of life. After reading some ov’em, I genuinely understand the saying “No One is Perfect”. People do mess up, make wrong decisions, screw opportunities, get wasted, be bitter as fuck, feel so much shame, be jealous or drown in pain,but that only makes us human, right? And i understand that these people would hide their own identity, rather than to be judged as fuck by the society. We can’t blame them, not everyone is as strong as the rest. And the truth is, everyone of us have our own secrets and some of it are too risky to share with someone we know because we are scared that they would change the way they see us.  It’s an ugly truth, but it’s normal.

I personally think that the creator of this blog,did a very good and helpful job. KUDOS!

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